Where do you source your ingredients?

We want to support local the local community, economy and businesses so we source as much of our ingredients locally as we can. If we can’t then we try to source high quality, sustainable and ethically produced ingredients.

Do you cater for vegans?

We always try to have vegan and vegetarian options available, whether it’s milk/dairy alternatives in our baked goods or offering alternatives at breakfast or our sandwiches. If we cannot bake the vegan products ourselves then we order them from a friend of mine who is a specialist vegan baker.

Do you have options for those with allergies?

We offer nut, gluten and dairy free options. But whilst we take every care, such as using separate serving utensils and thoroughly cleaning our equipment, we cannot guarantee that they are free from all allergens as they are made in the same environment as items that include potential allergens.

Do you offer discount if I use my own take-away cup?

We actively want to encourage reusable cups so if you are having a takeaway hot drink and you use your own cup then we will gladly give a 20p discount on the cost of your drink.