Our Story

Hilda & Jane’s

Hilda & Jane’s originally started as “A Bit Of What You Fancy” back in 2011.

Back then I was mainly just baking for friends and family and as word spread I started to bake wedding and birthday cakes for people and started attending wedding fairs.

I soon started to realise that my true enjoyment was through experimenting with flavours and new ideas and that’s when I decided to start applying for local markets and food festivals.

I get real enjoyment from experimenting with flavours and developing new recipes

I’ll never forget one day when my Son and Daughter-in-law were looking after my first ever stall York Food Festival and they were phoning me crying out for more Salted Caramel Brownie….I’d been baking all day and night, I’d never baked so much in my life so I never imagined I would ever sell out! I was trying to get ready for the 2nd day of the festival!

We need more Salted Caramel Brownie!

My husband rushed over with more brownie and we managed to get the stall restocked. Unfortunately he got a parking fine and we ended up losing any profit we made on the stall but it was worth it for the joy I felt knowing that people were enjoying what I was making. After that day I decided to commit more to the business and after a little name change, I became Hilda and Jane’s in 2016.

In October 2016 I started to have a little stall one day a week at York Train Station. I still have a stall there, usually twice a week now on a Wednesday and Friday.

My proudest moment was on June 1st 2019, when I opened my very own cafe on Micklegate, York.

I learnt about baking from my mum, Hilda, and this venture is a tribute to her

Hilda, my mum, was a huge influence and taught me so much. As a youngster I would spend hours with her in the kitchen baking. So the name is a tribute to her, an amazing woman who taught me to bake and inspired me to create new and exciting ideas and pursue what I love. My family have been a constant source of encouragement for me and to this day they are always there helping me achieve my dreams.

To this day I still can’t believe this is happening and when I hear the wonderful comments from my customers it truly makes my day and fills me with joy.

I look forward to welcoming you through the door at our cafe on Micklegate in York or maybe I could tempt you to a brownie from our pop up stall as you pass through York Station.